Sunday, April 29, 2012

Children's Museum

 While the boys played in Atlanta, the girls went to the Children's Museum in Wilmington.  Laura and Katy came, too.  The teddy bear hospital was a hit.  It is probably where we played the longest.  There were some fun things to do outside, too.  But it was WAY too hot.

 Sariah was in heaven playing dentist.  Laura was the model patient.  (You can see the bus outside.  Like I said, tons of fun -  in January maybe).

 Brooklyn loved the teddy bear hospital, too.  She looks so grown up marking the chart.

The girls also like the space shuttle.  The moon shoes were harder than they looked.  It was a fun trip to the museum.  Thanks to Grandma for playing with Sam at home.  He was much happier there.  Next time we'll take you, too, little buddy.

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